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Pull marketing is the act of encouraging customers to purchase your product or service through indirect means. This is the opposite of push marketing. However, the push-pull metric is a spectrum.

Pull Marketing

Instead of pushing your product or service on others, pull marketing pulls your potential customers in. Therefore, the methods used are indirect. This can involve branding, content creation, or other benefit-adding activities.

For example, blogging counts. Ideally, when you blog, you create valuable content. Readers find the content, but you’re not soliciting their business directly.

If you look at a company like Paint Covered Overalls, they rely solely on pull marketing to promote trades and home improvement companies.


The primary advantage to pull marketing is the scalability. You can reach a far wider audience by content creation than you can by cold calling.

No one strategy has a higher or lower cost than the other as that relies on how you use it. For example, blogging can cost your time or your money for ghost writers.

Additionally, many people find this strategy to be favorable. This depends on your audience and how you use the strategy.


The major disadvantage is timing. Pull marketing is rarely instantaneous. It takes a long time to get noticed by enough people to be worthwhile. For example, blogging can take six months to a year of consistent work to gain a large audience or SEO results.

Examples of Pull Marketing

The following are examples. However, it depends on how you use the medium to determine if it is push or pull. For example, social media can be both push and pull .

  • Blogging
  • Public relations
  • Branding
  • Word of mouth
  • Media coverage
  • Other informational content


In conclusion, neither strategy is best. Successful businesses require a combination of both. You need to find the balance that works well for your business and your strengths.

The important thing is that you create a strategy you can stick with. Additionally, remember that you can adjust your plan if something doesn’t work.

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