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Why do I want to start my experiment? Every entrepreneur has their own reasons for starting a business. Do they need the flexibility? Or how about the ability to control your own destiny? Whatever the reason, make sure it is your own.

This is a part of my first week homework.

Start My Experiment

In my case, I want to start this business for the following reasons:

  1. Education and experimentation.
  2. Grow an audience.
  3. Create a passive income stream to compliment my other sources of income.

Education and Experimentation

Firstly, I list education and experimentation first because this is my primary goal. I want to learn more about running a business while sharing what I learn with others. Even if I fail at the other goals, I’ll at least have this.

To accomplish this goal, I’m writing as much of my thoughts down as well as sharing what others share with me.

Grow an Audience

Secondly, I want to grow a larger audience. Law++, NC.Business, and Paint Covered Overalls have relatively small followings. There are plenty of reasons this may be. Ultimately, I know that providing content that is interesting and valuable draws in an audience. Hopefully I can provide this interesting and valuable content.

Personally, I think that this experiment sounds fun. Hopefully you do too!

Create a Passive Income Stream

Thirdly, I want to create a passive income stream. Eventually I would like to retire. I’m hoping this project will help get me there. I want to create passive income streams through advertising and selling content.

To accomplish these goals, I’ve established rules. I’ll also be creating subgoals soon.

Managing Attorney , Law Plus Plus
Richard is the managing attorney for Law Plus Plus, a local small business law firm. As managing attorney, he helps small businesses and nonprofits startup, creating the contracts, and navigate the legal needs of businesses. Some of his practice areas include: corporate, contract, mergers & acquisitions, corporate litigation, and estate planning.

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