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Part of my week 1 homework is to write down all my personal values. Fortunately, I spent a lot of time thinking about what is important to me. Around 2006, I spent months thinking about my personal values. Today, they remain largely the same.


First and foremost, I value being free to make my own choices. I have never succeeded when told what to do when I don’t see the reason behind that command. Consequently, I’ve always been an entrepreneur.

There are many positives that come with this value. I am great at being autonomous. However, I can be stubborn if I don’t agree with an opposing view.

Additionally, I despise when people take others’ freedom away. This is part of why I became a lawyer.


Honesty is very important to me. However, it isn’t just spoken honesty that is important. More important is internal honesty and honesty of character.

I see internal honesty as being true to myself. Can I really do this thing? What are my weaknesses? Why do I feel this way about something? These are all important questions that require internal honesty.

Honesty of character is equally important. Do I carry myself in a way that portrays who I really am? In other words, do I pretend to be someone or something I’m not?


Efficiency is the one that people tend to question first. When they hear my values, I can generally see inquiry when I get to efficiency.

What I care about is doing things with as little waste as possible. I don’t like to waste my, or others’, time or resources. I find that disrespectful.

What I don’t think fits into efficiency is laziness. Active thought goes into efficiency. However, laziness is a passive act. I appreciate being able to think through a task before jumping in. I like to do things right the first time to avoid repeating the task unnecessarily.

Strength of Mind

Simply put, I like to continue to learn and grow as a person. Therefore, education and educational experiences are important to me. Being able to educate others is also very important. Consequently, I run several blogs and occasionally guest speak in classes.

Strength of Body

I’m not a bodybuilder or extremely fit person. However, I’m fit-enough. That’s my new way to describe the mildly athletic. I like running and participating in various sports for fun. Additionally, I value being a relatively healthy person. Keep the body strong.

To Be Free, Live Free

This, along with my other values, are tattooed on my left arm. I put them there so I had a constant reminder of what has been important to me. To me, this means I have to first lift any internal limitations I place on myself. After that, I can achieve what I want in my life.

Managing Attorney , Law Plus Plus
Richard is the managing attorney for Law Plus Plus, a local small business law firm. As managing attorney, he helps small businesses and nonprofits startup, creating the contracts, and navigate the legal needs of businesses. Some of his practice areas include: corporate, contract, mergers & acquisitions, corporate litigation, and estate planning.

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